Anise and Licorice Cookies

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Sweet baked goods
Every Taste a New Experience. Every Experience a New Taste.

Product description

Our anise and licorice are aromatic tasting cookies, where the wholemeal spelt flour gives a plain grain experience, while the licorice aroma comes out as aftertaste, remaining persistent in the mouth. The percentage of cane sugar and lactose free butter is well balanced so that the product is neither too sweet or too greasy without beeing less enjoyable or less satisfying.


Ingredients: Wholemeal spelt flour * (whole gluten) 44%, lactose free butter * (lactose <0.01g), cane sugar *, rice flour *, eggs *, liquorice extract * 0.5% powder, Infused with Anice seeds * (water, anise seeds *) 0.03%. * organic. Contains licorice - Avoid excessive consumption in case of hypertension.


Gluten   Egg   Nuts  

Nutrition Facts
  • Average nutritional values for 100 g
  • Energy value 1995 Kj
    478 Kcal
  • Fat 20 g
    • of which saturated fat 12 g
  • Carbohydrates 63 g
    • of which sugars 22 g
  • Fiber 2 g
  • Protein 10.4 g
  • Salt 0.02 g
How to cook


How to serve

Sweet Moments Delicious with coffee, green tea or a glass of Stout beer.

How to taste

Anise and Licorice Bastoncini Aromatic and Intense with Wholemeal Spelt Flour and Calabrian Liquorice. The digestive properties of the anise combine with the purifying effect of the liquorice. The ideal way to end a meal and accompany coffee.

Key Facts
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Barcode (EAN) 8056326310226
Storage temperature 18 - 22 °C
Product size 170 g
Packaging typology Box
Packaging material Cardboard , Plastic
Packaging sustainability 100% recyclable

The Supplier

Le Furezze di Francesca Iseppato
Via San Giovanni, 3, Bovolone, VR, Italia

Production site

Via San Giovanni, 3, Bovolone, VR, Italia

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