Frequent questionsThe answers to the buyers' and producers' questions.

Generic questions

What is Emerge?

Emerge is the Italian food platform made to put national and international buyers in direct contact with Italian food producers. The platform is born out of the need to increase the supply of Italian speciality foods abroad, now two times lower than demands so influence the Italian food products export abroad.

How much does Emerge cost?

Emerge is free and always will be. You can join as a buyer or as a supplier without any cost. However, a Standard Plan and a Pro Plan are now available for suppliers. You can discover more about these amazing plans on our Pricing page. We are studying a Supreme plan, which will be available from 2020 will also be available.

Does Emerge acts as an intermediary?

No, Emerge is a platform whose purpose is to connect buyer and Italian food suppliers.

Do you make deal with GDO only or also with other players?

Emerge was created to give more visibility and new market opportunities to Italian food companies. For this reason, we deal with all kind of buyers: Ho.Re.Ca, GDO and specialized stores.

Can I buy on Emerge?

Is not possible to buy or sell on Emerge. However, we're here to support thanks to our qualified partners in case of logistic, bureaucratic and of different nature needs.

Which markets do you deal with?

We deal with the Italian market, by contacting buyer and suppliers. We're focused on foreign markets where Italian food suppliers have more potentiality to be expressed. Particularly, in Europe, USA and Asia.

Are my personal data safe?

Emerge shall ensure that all your personal data will be treated with the utmost reserve. No third-party company will come into your data possession unless after your consent. The platform is only open to b2b food operators, who must register and be validated.

What does the premium plan include?

The Premium plan is in the planning stage but, as soon will be ready all Emerge users will be notified about the news.

Do you deduct committees?

Emerge doesn't deduct any commission, not on subscriptions either on buyer's purchases. We only deal with the connection between international buyers and Italian food suppliers.

Is it possible to purchase products on the website?

Emerge is a B2B food platform and consumers can't buy directly. However, they can find a lot of e-commerce sites where they can actually buy.

Can I delete my account?

Anyone who wants to can delete the account. It just takes the send of a request to our team.

Italian food suppliers

How can I sign up?

You can sign up in Emerge through our Sign up page.

  • Click on "Supplier" button and fill the form.
  • Remember to check the "Terms of service" and the "Privacy and Cookie policy" checkbox.
  • Once in the platform fill your company profile and upload the products on your free virtual showcase.

How does contact with buyers take place?

Every day many buyers search for new products on Emerge: keep your showcase up to date to have more chances to grab buyers' attention! They will directly contact you to know more about. Don't forget you have every month new business opportunities to freely join in!

How can I upload a product?

You can upload your products by logging in your company page and by clicking on the orange button at the top right "Add a product". Then follow the form:

  • Add the product name and category of belonging and click on "Add product";
  • Upload your product photos in PNG format;
  • Describe at best your product;
  • Insert the production place, the maximal annual production, the minimum order quantity, and much other useful information to make it clear to buyers your company and your products;
  • You can insert an indicative ex-factory price, this isn't mandatory and refer to the minimum order you request for your product; it is important for the buyers to understand how you _____; it isn't required to insert the price but it's strongly suggested;
  • Insert as more info you can: this profile will be your online catalogue, inclusive of the data sheet;
  • Once completed the filling of the form click on "Save", you'll see the preview of your product and by clicking on the button "Publish product" your product will be sent to Emerge Team for the approval.

Important: if you want to upload products very similar to each other: complete the first and then click on "Duplicate"! It will be quicker to only change the photos and a few information rather than compile any products ex novo.

Why my uploaded products are pending?

Any uploaded products must be approved by our team before it can be visible on the platform to maintain a high qualitative standard.

How much time is expected for the approval of a product?

On average by 24/48 hours your products will be reviewed and published by our Team. They will be published only if they're correctly compiled; furthermore, the form completeness must reach a minimum acceptable to be shown to buyers. In case of problem, you will be contacted by our team.

Can I modify my products already published?

Of course, you can, every product can be modified.

How can I manage goods shipment?

The shipment is managed directly by suppliers in accordance with buyers.

Which price is shown on the platform?

On every product, you can show an indicative price refer to the minimum order. The price is not binding.

Who can see prices on the platform?

Indicative prices are seen only by registered and verified buyers on the closed B2B platform. Buyer to have more information about prices must directly contact the supplier, as in every commercial negotiation.

How can I concord for the price with buyers?

The agreements about price are left to buyers and suppliers. Emerge is not involved in trade negotiations.

How can I get the most from Emerge?

Take your online showcase on Emerge always up to date and do not miss the opportunity that Emerge offers every month.

How can I join the opportunities? How can I verify to be registered?

Login to your company page, here you will find all the opportunities you can join in. You can easily apply by clicking on "Apply": you will be contacted and will receive a response. To verify all the opportunities you have already joined you just have to go under the "Subscriptions" section of your company page, where you will see all the opportunities you joined.

What opportunities does Emerge offer?

Emerge offers targeted business opportunities, national and international. We have a lot of opportunities to put you in contact with buyers from Ho.Re.Ca to large distribution. Additionally, we offer services to support Italian producers with their growth path.

Which certifications do I need to join Emerge?

Emerge registration is not precluded to whom has no certifications. Despite this, if you had a certification, always remember to specify it in the product uploading stage and when you are filling your company profile: buyers are very attentive!

Do you have a consumer retail sales service?

No, Emerge is a B2B food marketplace gets Italian food producers in contact with national and international buyers.

National and international buyers

How can I sign up?

You can join Emerge through our sign up page

  • Click on the "Buyer" button and fill all required fields.
  • Remember to check the "Terms of service" and the "Privacy and Cookie policy" checkbox.
  • Once in the platform fill your company profile and invites your team members to cooperate on Emerge.

The registration is completely free. Start now to discover amazing Italian food companies on Emerge!

How can I have more information about products on Emerge?

Every registered buyer can ask for information by clicking on the appropriate button "Contact supplier" on the product page buyer is interested in.

Should I register to see producers?

A lot of food producers are visible from the open website.Discover more producers on the dedicated B2B platform. Find out about more business information by joining Emerge, the Italian food platform.